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Swap Reference Miner

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The Swap Reference Miner is for GPUs and is forked from GrinGoldMiner.

  • Supports Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Supports AMD and NVIDIA
  • Minimum 5.5GB GPU VRAM
  • Default 0% Fee



.NET Core 2.2 required

Build apps - SDK v2.2.104

Getting started

  1. Run "SwapReferenceMinerCLI.exe"
  2. Enter pool address
  3. Enter pool port
  4. Enter "y" or "n" for TLS
  5. Enter pool login (wallet address)
  6. Enter pool password (worker name)
  7. Close "SwapReferenceMinerCLI.exe"
  8. Run "SwapReferenceMinerCLI.exe" again
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