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geeks will ctrl+s the world

There's no place like

sometimes, i just need a <br>

This is a website to find geeky and cheesy phrases to send to your Loved Ones, and I am sure they will love em.

You know how sometimes you find these really geeky quotes and wish the world had more of them? Yeah, geeksay fixes that. Try it out at

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npm install -g geeksay



const geeksay = require('geeksay');
console.log(geeksay(`go hard or go home`)); // go hard || go
console.log(geeksay(`please make me a sandwich`)); // sudo make me a sandwich


$ npm install geeksay
$ geeksay copy that // ctrl+c that
$ geeksay to be or not to be, that is the question // to be || ! to be, that is the question

Note: Do not put quotes around the phrase, even if it contains spaces!


$ npx geeksay i was 5 and he was 6 // i was 101 && he was 110
$ npx geeksay sometimes i just need a break // sometimes i just need a <br>


$ npm test


This is what you actually want, right? Right?? There you go!