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Multiplayer Bowmaster

Game design inspired by the popular Bowmaster game

A team of 3 crazy game engineers designed and developed a multiplayer game in training using Unity3D in 1 week.

It’s a simple prototype of Bowmaster multiplayer feature with a twist, instead of having only 1 character for each player we added 3 characters for each player 3X THE FUN. Each character is different type and shoots different weapon. We call them Benders, yes we are Avatar Fan.

We used Photon for the multiplayer feature (Not recommended for production projects, good enough to create prototype quick and dirty). Zenject amazing dependency injection tool made easy to implement MVC, state machines and more.

Some of the good tech stuff -

Design Patterns:

  • MVC design pattern
  • Highly de-coupled code through the use of interfaces at different levels of abstraction
  • State Machine

Principles Used:

  • Single Responsibility Principle (SRP)

Tools Used:

Check out our project it has amazing above stuff and more, you may find something useful for your project.

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