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Welcome to the Swarm City production wiki

Before contributing

Before making a contribution please take the time to familiarise your self with this development guide, as you read through it,if something doesn't make sense or is not immediately obvious please create an issue, it will help other developers who come behind you.


  • Create a fast and beautiful application that runs on every device
  • Upgrade and future proof with Polymer 2
  • Mindset transition from MVP hacking to production building
  • Contributors will be able to reason about all the code easily and quickly
  • The “Truly decentralised” test is to turn off all infrastructure and have the site still run.
  • Build a core codebase that will form a foundation that doesn't need rewriting
  • Pride and confidence in production ready code
  • Coherent and optimised yet transient and decentralised development team
  • Attract and encourage contributions and stars from the community







New Account

Convert ARC - ON HOLD


SWT Wallet



Create hashtag

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