Project Management

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A technical style will be applied with a “measure twice cut once” ethos


All sprints are to complete a story. Each story is limited to a single page/view.

Each story is split into:

  1. Page component
  2. Display component/s
  3. Data component/s

Components Types

Each sprint is built on a branch from master which results in a minor tagged release.


names for all the components, component properties, css selector names, mixin names and function names and arguments names.


Sprint times are determined with poker cards for each component. The total time for each component spread over days is the sprint time.


If unit testing is falling behind or CSS is getting bloated a mini tidy up sprint will be inserted, this will often fall over a weekend and it is a good opportunity for new contributors to get involved.


Issues are first discussed and approved on github before development. Once approved, an issue branch is created with the same name and number as the issue The dev who completes the issue assigns the Pull Request (PR) to another dev to install, check and approve. Before merging all PR are built and deployed to staging, tested then merged.


All tests are divided into Page, Display & Data

  • Linting is tested with ESlint to the google standard
  • Continuous integration is checked with Travis CI and must pass before merging any branch
  • All public and private data methods for data components need automated tests with 100% coverage
  • Data components are tested with native promises
  • All automated unit test are written in Chai’s Assert
  • Testing on mobile should be conducted on as many devices as possible check out Broswer Stack
  • Before releasing a new version on, it goes to a group of testusers. Anyone can sign up to become a tester in slackchannel testersignup






New Account

Convert ARC - ON HOLD


SWT Wallet



Create hashtag

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