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Dotbash is a customization of "Bash it" by Swaroop C H.

Bash it

Bash it is a mash up of my own bash commands and scripts, other bash stuff I have found.

(And a shameless ripoff of oh-my-zsh. :)

Includes autocompletion, themes, aliases, custom functions, a few stolen pieces from Steve Losh, and more.


  1. Check a clone of this repo: git clone ~/.bash_it
  2. Run ~/.bash_it (it automatically backs up your ~/.bash_profile)
  3. Edit your ~/.bash_profile file in order to customize bash-it -> Do change MY_USER_NAME setting to your login user name.

NOTE: The install script will also prompt you asking if you use Jekyll. This is to set up the .jekyllconfig file, which stores info necessary to use the Jekyll plugin.

Help Screens

bash-it show aliases        # shows installed and available aliases
bash-it show completions    # shows installed and available completions
bash-it show plugins        # shows installed and available plugins
bash-it help aliases        # shows help for installed aliases
bash-it help completions    # shows help for installed completions
bash-it help plugins        # shows help for installed plugins

Your Custom scripts, aliases, and functions

For custom scripts, and aliases, just create the following files (they'll be ignored by the git repo):

  • aliases/custom.aliases.bash
  • lib/custom.bash
  • plugins/custom.plugins.bash

Anything in the custom directory will be ignored, with the exception of custom/example.bash.


There are a few bash it themes. If you've created your own custom prompts, I'd love it if you shared with everyone else! Just submit a Pull Request to me (revans).

Help out

I think everyone has their own custom scripts accumulated over time. And so, following in the footsteps of oh-my-zsh, bash it is a framework for easily customizing your bash shell. Everyone's got a custom toolbox, so let's start making them even better, as a community!

Send me a pull request and I'll merge it as long as it looks good. If you change an existing command, please give an explanation why. That will help a lot when I merge your changes in.

Thanks, and happing bashing!