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EDN reader and writer implementation in Python, using PLY (lex, yacc)
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Merge pull request #30 from hcarvalhoalves/rfc3339-microsecs

Add support to dump '#inst' with microseconds
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Implements the EDN format in Python.


pip install edn_format


>>> import edn_format
>>> edn_format.dumps({1, 2, 3})
'#{1 2 3}'
>>> edn_format.loads("[1 true nil]")
[1, True, None]

In general, edn_format.loads(edn_format.dumps(obj)) == obj. If this is false, it may be a bug.

See for full details.


Almost all features of EDN have been implemented, including custom tagged elements.

But expect bugs since this has not yet been used in production.


Special thanks to the following contributors for making this library usable:

Contributor Notes

To release a new version:

  1. Bump up the version number in, e.g. 0.5.4
  2. Create a git tag: git tag -a v0.5.4 -m 'Version 0.5.4'
  3. Push git tag: git push origin master --tags
  4. Make sure you have a ~/.pypirc file with your PyPI credentials.
  5. Run python sdist upload
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