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[Removing LICENSE and README] Fixing paths in previous commit

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1 parent 3254d01 commit f3eaa848f9ce4536da3574a4a2bf8f65fa340a2d @swaroopch committed May 10, 2011
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@@ -101,8 +101,8 @@ cd "$SITE_CODE_DIR/setup"
sed -i "" -e "s/{SITE_NAME}/$SITE_NAME/g" -e "s/{HOME}/$LINUX_HOME_ESCAPED/g" -e "s/{APP_NAME}/$APP_NAME/g" -e "s/{ADMIN_EMAIL}/$ADMIN_EMAIL/g" -e "s/{USER}/$USER/g" apache_site_entry || critical "Could not fill apache config file"
info "Removing LICENSE and README files"
-git rm LICENSE.txt
-git rm README.textile
+git rm $SITE_CODE_DIR/README.textile
info "Setting up the new git repo"

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