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(ns isbnnetinclj.models.stores
(:require [timbre.core :as log]
[clojure.string :as string]
[clojure.core.cache :as cache]
[net.cgrand.enlive-html :as html]
[monger.collection :as mc]
[clj-time.core :as time]
[isbnnetinclj.models.constants :refer :all]
[isbnnetinclj.utils :as utils]))
;; NOTE about other stores:
;; - times out
;; - times out
;; - Indiaplaza throws 404 error if we try to fetch prices while it works fine in a browser
;; - Disabling uread because it sends USD instead of INR when query sent from Heroku (as opposed to my laptop)
(def sites
{:flipkart {:url ""
:price-path [:span#fk-mprod-our-id html/content]}
:homeshop18 {:url ""
:price-path [:span#productLayoutForm:OurPrice html/text]}
:infibeam {:url ""
:price-path [:span.infiPrice html/text]}
:crossword {:url ""
:price-path [:span.variant-final-price html/text]}
:bookadda {:url ""
:price-path [:span.actlprc]}})
(defn kindle-page
(format "" isbn))
(defonce book-data-cache (atom (cache/ttl-cache-factory (* 60 60 24) {})))
(defonce book-in-progress-lock (atom {}))
(defn get-book-in-progress
(get @book-in-progress-lock isbn))
(defn set-book-in-progress
(swap! book-in-progress-lock assoc isbn true))
(defn done-book-in-progress
(swap! book-in-progress-lock dissoc isbn))
(defn get-in-memory-book-data
(get @book-data-cache isbn))
(defn store-in-memory-book-data
[isbn book-data]
(get (swap! book-data-cache assoc isbn book-data) isbn))
(defn get-db-book-data
(utils/get-fresh-db-data book-data-collection isbn))
(defn get-stored-book-data
(or (get-in-memory-book-data isbn)
(get-db-book-data isbn)))
(defn parse-price-from-content
[content path]
(let [nodes (html/select content path)
text (last nodes)]
(if (empty? text)
(try (Float/parseFloat (last (re-seq #"\d+(?:\.\d+)?" (string/trim (string/replace (str text) "," "")))))
(catch Exception x (do (log/error (str x)) (str x)))))))
(defn fetch-book-data-from-one-store
[isbn [site-name {:keys [url price-path]}]]
(log/debug isbn "Launching fetcher" site-name)
(let [address (format url isbn)
content (utils/fetch-page address)
price-data (parse-price-from-content content price-path)]
(log/debug isbn "Finished fetching" site-name)
(swap! book-data-cache assoc-in [isbn :price site-name] price-data))
(catch Exception x (do
(log/error isbn (str x))
(swap! book-data-cache assoc-in [isbn :price site-name] (Integer/MAX_VALUE))))))
(defn fetch-book-data
(if-not (get-book-in-progress isbn)
(set-book-in-progress isbn)
(log/debug isbn "Launching fetchers")
(doseq [f (mapv #(future (fetch-book-data-from-one-store isbn %)) sites)]
(deref f))
(swap! book-data-cache assoc-in [isbn :when] (java.util.Date.))
;; There is a race condition here, but for this project, it is not critical.
(done-book-in-progress isbn)
(log/debug isbn "Done")
(let [data (get-in-memory-book-data isbn)
data (assoc data :isbn isbn)]
(future (mc/insert book-data-collection data))
(log/debug isbn "already in progress")
(defn test-fetch-book-data
(let [prices (fetch-book-data "9781449394707")]
(println prices)
(assert (= 2062.0 (get-in prices [:price :flipkart])))
(assert (= 1911.0 (get-in prices [:price :infibeam])))
(assert (= 2018.0 (get-in prices [:price :crossword])))
(assert (= 2088.0 (get-in prices [:price :homeshop18])))))
(defn book-data
(or (get-stored-book-data isbn)
(do (future (fetch-book-data isbn)) {:when (java.util.Date.)})))