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Woven deploys versioned Django projects onto Linux servers behind Nginx using Apache modwsgi by default. Woven is is built on Fabric.


  • Create a new Ubuntu 11.04 (or greater) virtual server and then run apt-get install ssh on that server.
  • From your machine, use startproject <project name> to create a new project.
  • Add your personalized settings into the standard django settings file.
  • Run setupnode <host or role name> to set up a full deployment server from scratch (including required packages, security settings, web servers, distribute, pip, virtualenv, project dependencies, etc. etc.)
  • Run deploy <host or role name> to deploy your Django project.

See for an example project that uses woven.


Currently tested only in simplest case of a single website one-time deployment -> Multiple version deployment and multiple websites deployment testing and fixing are on the todo list.

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