Internet-of-Things garage door remote using ESP8266
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ESP8266 Internet Garage Door Opener

This repo contains all the design files relate to the ESP8266-based garage door opener project I recently created. My basic requirements were:

  • Be functonal and deployed as quickly as possible, rather than being as clean and well-engineered as possible.

  • Not interfere with the electronics of my existing manual-switch-triggered opener.

Quick list of features/parts:

  • ESP8266 WiFi SoC for the Internet connection. NodeMCU board.

  • Arduino-based software stack.

  • HTTP/HTML-based user interface.

  • WiFi credentials entered at "run-time" using a web browser and saved to flash, rather than being hard-coded into the application code.

  • PCB created in Kicad to mount the ESP8266 and connectors.

  • Standalone commercial relay board to trigger the door opener.

  • HC-SR04 sensors used to detect whether the door is open or closed.

  • HC-SR04 wall mounts designed using OpenSCAD and 3D-printed.

Look on my blog at for more details.