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Colorized theme is a free yet powerful wordpress theme for showcase and/or fests related websites.

We made this theme during our early stage of development, when we were still in college. As you can guess, this theme is actually meant for hosting college feast related websites. Right now, our college website (and we are the proud alumni) uses this theme. You can check it out at RCCTimes.


This is a Free WordPress Theme designed specifically for our college fest website.

The theme uses a few free and/or open source products, which are:

Designed by Akash Ghosh, Developed by Swashata Ghosh.


  • Multiple Homepage Layout: You can have either a dynamic homepage with piecemaker or static homepage with carousel contents.
  • Piecemaker: Successful implementation of piecemaker 2 on your dynamic homepage. You can have images, videos or flash * contents.
  • Frontpage Carousel: Custom carousel on your static frontpage.
  • Sponsors Widget: A good looking sponsors widget for the footer.
  • Multisite Compatibility: Completely compatible with WPMS and WP version 3.5+.


A comprehensive documentation is available at this link.

Live Preview

For a demo check this link.

About this repository

This repository will always contain the cutting edge development version. Forks and pull requests are always welcome.


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