Getting Started

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This guide discusses general theme setup for Capstone and goes over the basic theme features. Before starting this guide, ensure your WordPress (version 4.0 or greater) site is up and running on your hosting (many provide 1-click installation) and Capstone is uploaded to your themes folder and activated.


Necessary and recommended plugins for your Capstone theme:

  • Advanced Custom Fields: Much of the theme’s functionality is built on this plugin. While not strictly required, it is necessary for many of the features. (Necessary)
  • JetPack: The theme has built-in styling for JetPack’s contact forms. This plugin also comes with a myriad of useful features. (Recommended)
  • W3 Total Cache: A caching plugin is suggested to dramatically improve load times for visitors. (Recommended)
  • Simple Page Ordering: This plugin makes work item organization dead simple.
  • Clean Notifications: Default WordPress email notifications are ugly; this plugin cleans them up.


Once Capstone has been activated, you should notice a few extra menu items in the admin dashboard. One of these is the Work menu:

The work menu

Work items work in a familiar manner: you can easily create, edit and delete them as you would a blog post:

Making a new work

You’ll notice a few extra input fields on work items. The first is the location and date fields:

Work’s location and date fields

This allows you to easily specify a shooting location and event date for this work’s collection of images. It will be output on at the top of the single work page.

Additionally, there’s the callout fields:

Work’s callout fields

These fields allow you to customize a call-to-action area that appears at the bottom of the single work page. The finished product looks something like this:

Work’s call-to-action area

Work Categories

The theme’s design encourages work items to be organized using categories. These categories apply specifically to works.

Work categories

You can add categories and category descriptions from the Work → Category dropdown. Use these categories in a WordPress menu to compose a your site’s navigation:

Work in the menu

About and Contact Pages

Capstone comes with custom page templates for an About page and a Contact Page. You can use these templates of regular WordPress pages:

Capstone’s page templates

Both the About and Contact page templates come with “Intro” fields to help you format your page’s introduction. Additionally, the About page lets you pick testimonials to include…

About page template’s testimoniall

…and fill out a call-to-action area’s text:

About page template’s call-to-action area

The Contact page template has an area for a rates callout, which will be included at the top of the page:

Contact page template’s rates area

There’s also a selection for testimonials on the Contact page.

That’s that! If you have any suggestions, feel free to edit this page.

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