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Generates documentation from api-blueprint files. See
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Renders API Blueprint files to static HTML files. API Blueprint is a Markdown-based documentation format which can be used for writing API documentations.


  • Attributes of resources rendered separately
  • Nested Attributes
  • Can add custom header and custom css file
  • Supports code snippets of six different languages
  • Waypoint support
  • Markdown support
  • Clean UI


Example can be seen in the build folder. Output for Polls api blueprint file is rendered here.

Installation & Usage

We can use docprint as an executable as well as node js library. Seven documentation files will be created in different folders for different languages.


Install docprint via NPM. You need nodejs for install.

npm install -g docprint
docprint -p './build/apib/polls.apib' -d './build/docs' -h './build/files/header.html' -c './build/files/custom.css'

Node js Library

You can also use docprint as a library. First, install and save it as a dependency:

npm install --save docprint

Then, convert some API Blueprint to HTML:

var docprint = require('docprint');

var filepath = './build/apib/polls.apib';
var destination = './build/docs';
var header = './build/files/header.html';
var css = './build/files/custom.css';

	filepath: filepath,
	destination: destination,
	header: header,
	css: css

File inclusions

Files can be included in to index file using this format. For more info see hercule


For Eg:


Language selection

During language selection in the documentation, it will replace the 'language keyword' from url with the new language selected. You should mount the static files in the application in a similar way so that changing url should work for different languages.

For eg: --- for curl while selecting php, url will change to --- by replacing curl with php


docprint (options)

Renders the documentation. Options object can contain :

Option Type Description
filepath string location of api blueprint file
destination string destination of documentation generated
header string location of file containing html header
css string location of file containing custom css
headerhtml string header html string - (optional)
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