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Sway 1.0-alpha.1 contains 624 changes from 5 contributors (plus 2,329 changes from 39 contributors to wlroots) and is the first alpha release of sway 1.0. Note that sway alpha releases are not considered complete, are missing many features, and will have many bugs. You are strongly encouraged to remain on sway 0.15.x if you are not prepared to deal with constant breakage and keep quiet about it. The purpose of this release of sway is to help users understand the progress we've made towards 1.0 and provide internal versions for development use - many of the sway developers will be using sway 1.0-alpha.1 even though it is very incomplete, because it will help us understand the places where it is lacking.

Please do not submit bug reports for this version of sway. Submit patches instead.

Package maintainers: please do not package this release.

Breaking Changes

  • As this is an alpha release and we have completely overhauled the codebase, many (perhaps most) features are missing and broken.
  • This release requires wlroots. The recommended commit of wlroots for use with this release is ba5c090.
  • Experimental Nvidia proprietary driver support has been deprecated since its inception, and has now been removed entirely. Please use nouveau and consider future purchases from GPU vendors that support open source. Other proprietary drivers are also unsupported.

New Features


  • Output rotation (e.g. output NAME transform 90)
  • Fractional scaling (e.g. output NAME scale 1.5)
  • Output resolution is now applied via modesetting
  • Support for daisy-chained DisplayPort and other exotic configurations
  • Swaylock, swaybar, and swaybg support HiDPI correctly


  • Multiple input devices can be bound to a single on-screen cursor (or several)
  • Keyboard layout and XKB options may be specified in the config file
  • Multiple keyboards with different layouts can be used interchangably
  • Multiple seats can be configured (each with their own input devices and focused window)

Wayland Features

  • Rich content (images, etc) can be copied from Xwayland to Wayland and vice versa
  • GTK's primary selection protocol has been implemented (and syncs with Xwayland primary selection)
  • The layer-shell protocol has been implemented (which permits future support for e.g. rofi, on-screen keyboards, third-party panels, etc)
  • Orbital's screenshooter protocol has been implemented (which permits third-party software to capture the screen)
  • Idle & idle inhibit have been implemented (which permits DPMS and the inhibition of DPMS by e.g. video players to work)
  • Client-side/server-side decoration negotiation has been submitted for standardization


  • Output damage tracking significantly improves both CPU performance and power usage
  • The Wayland and x11 backends are now supported for end user use
  • Window opacity can be configured with the opacity command

Bugs Fixed

  • All known problems with xdg-shell have been fixed (such as blurry menus that don't accept focus)
  • All known problems with Xwayland have been fixed (such as Firefox menu weirdness)
  • All known HiDPI bugs
  • All known swaylock & swaybar bugs
  • Reloading your config doesn't generally crash anymore
  • TTY switching probably works
  • Most bugs in general are fixed