@ddevault ddevault released this Feb 11, 2019 · 92 commits to master since this release

sway 1.0-rc2

Sway 1.0-rc2 contains 28 changes from 7 contributors since 1.0-rc1, and
only contains bug fixes.

The recommended wlroots version to use with this sway release is 0.3.

Package maintainers: please do not package this release.

Brian Ashworth (19):
      seat_cmd_cursor: do not create non-existing seat
      load_include_configs: fix wordexp fail condition
      swaynag: remove trailing newlines in config
      execute_command: dont strip quotes for exec_always
      IPC_COMMAND: split on newline
      cmd_workspace_gaps: fix double free on bad amount
      output_cmd_background: fix no file + valid mode
      load_main_config: add realpath to config_chain
      Clarify error for options and positional args
      load_main_config: use given path, store realpath
      seat_configure_tablet_tool: configure xcursor
      bar_cmd_modifier: add support for none
      container_at_stacked: skip titles when zero pixels
      input/keyboard: respect solo repeat_{rate,delay}
      view: remove pointer constraints on unmap
      ipc: handle unnamed xkb_active_layout_name
      fix misc memory leaks
      Abort early when XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set
      workspace_get_initial_output: handle focused layer

Connor E (2):
      If validating the config, do it as early as possible.
      Initialize server so input manager is available.

Daniel Eklöf (1):
      ipc_has_event_listeners: fix inverted check of subscribed_events

Michael Vetter (1):
      Set version in project file

Rouven Czerwinski (1):
      fix double free for mode toggle if bar was invisible

emersion (2):
      Fix quote stripping
      Fix close_popups for xdg-shell

vilhalmer (1):
      Focus ws inactive node with focus_follows_mouse
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