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sway 1.2

@ddevault ddevault released this
· 937 commits to master since this release
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sway 1.2 includes 128 changes from 37 contributors. This release improves compatibility with i3 4.17, adds a small number of new features, and fixes many bugs.

Abdelhakim Qbaich (1):
      Add the missing constant for the switch input type

Aidan Harris (1):
      Fix segfault with "xwayland false" (#4228)

Alex Maese (1):
      Unhide cursor on cursor activity after touch

Alyssa Ross (2):
      bar: fix segfault with missing or invalid bar id
      commands/bar: improve error for invalid subcommand

Antonin Décimo (7):
      Allocator sizeof operand mismatch
      Remove unused variable
      ipc-client: remove useless free for failed malloc
      input: check pointer against nullptr
      view_update_size: fix surface_width/height mismatch
      Fix memory leaks
      Remove redundant checks

Ashkan Kiani (1):
      Avoid adding duplicate criteria for no_focus and command

Brian Ashworth (52):
      Destroy swaybg client on reload
      config/output: fix typo in merge_id_on_name
      Spawn swaybar as a wayland client
      input/keyboard: attempt default keymap on failure
      commands/bar: fix mode and hidden_state at runtime
      input/switch: fix indentation of file
      common/ipc-client: remove ipc recv timeout log
      bindings: allow unlocked and locked bindings
      Add swaybar protocol documentation
      cmd_hide_edge_borders: add missing arg count check
      criteria: reset on semicolon separation
      commands/input: perform basic keymap validation
      config/input: validate xkb keymap before storing
      bindings: defer while initiailizing
      config/xwayland: retain xwayland status on reload
      config: fix find_handler logic
      cmd_seat: split action and config handlers
      cmd_mode: allow runtime creation and modification
      ws-output-priority: fix logic issue in find_output
      swaybar-protocol.7: fix block border descriptions
      cmd_bindswitch: add option to execute on reload
      input/libinput: only reset supported options
      config/output: correctly set width/height in apply
      cmd_layout: toggle split for tabbed/stack default
      cmd_split: fix toggle split for non-split layouts
      cmd_output: support current output alias
      input_cmd_xkb_switch_layout: support input types
      ipc: add an input event
      ipc: add input::libinput_config event
      arrange: remove gaps for workspace location deltas
      input/libinput: fix typo in set_middle_emulation
      libinput: fix set_send_events
      input/keyboard: don't reset layout for same keymap
      bindsym/code: add group support
      input/libinput: typo fixes (get -> get_default)
      cmd_swap: add floating support
      input/cursor: do not hide when buttons are pressed
      swaymsg: return 2 for sway errors
      cmd_mode: make modes case sensitive
      config/output: rebase cursors after config applied
      sway.5: explain how to enable pango markup in font
      handle_seat_node_destroy: do not focus own node
      workspace: do not destroy if any seat is focusing
      swaymsg.1: add tip about two hyphens for commands
      container_replace: copy {width,height}_fraction
      workspace_split: focus middle if workspace focused
      sway{,-bar}.5: add link to pango font description
      input/seatop_down: add axis handler
      input/keyboard: send released only if pressed sent
      sway.5: remove mention of floating_scroll
      cmd_move: fix move to scratchpad hidden container
      cmd_mode: don't reset to default after subcommand

Daniel Eklöf (3):
      add seat sub command 'xcursor_theme'
      swaybar/nag: use xcursor theme defined by XCURSOR_THEME/SIZE
      check for empty string before calling strtoul() and check errno

Dark (1):
      Update titlebar borders to match i3's current behavior.

Drew DeVault (9):
      Add Firefox note to
      Create FUNDING.yml
      Bump meson version to 1.1
      Remove rootston from build manifests
      layer-shell: add support for popups
      Add _incr_version to contrib/
      chmod +x contrib/_incr_version
      Further refinements to _incr_version script
      Update version to 1.2

Ed Younis (2):
      Implement input_cmd_xkb_file (#3999)
      input_cmd_xkb_*: cleanup includes

Ilia Bozhinov (1):
      properly check pixman_region32_contains_rectangle return

Jeff Peeler (1):
      cmd_opacity: add relative opacity changes

Josef Gajdusek (4):
      Implement wlr-output-management-v1
      Update output manager config on all output events
      Provide current DPMS state in GET_OUTPUTS
      Update output manager on layout change

Kenny Levinsen (1):
      Use parent get_root_coords in subsurfaces

Laurent Bonnans (1):
      ipc: collapse multi-container command results

Manuel Stoeckl (2):
      Replace meson generator with custom_target
      Use -fmacro-prefix-map to strip build path

Matt Coffin (1):
      Fix segfaults caused by faulty command parsing

Michael Aquilina (1):
      Fix formatting for title_format in man 5 sway Use explicit linebreaks to make scdoc use a separate line for each entry listed

Moelf (1):
      Implement output toggle

Nick Paladino (1):
      Make comment casing consistient

Nomeji (1):
      Add infos to help using for_window to man 5

Paul Ouellette (1):
      Fix typo in sway(5) manpage

Pedro Côrte-Real (7):
      Layout correctly with several new windows
      Layout tiled using a width/height fraction
      Rework gaps code to be simpler and correct
      Sanity check gaps between tiled containers
      Avoid negative outer gaps
      Sanity check gaps on the outside of the workspace
      Fix resize sibling amount calculations

Robert Sacks (1):
      Add missing underscore in bindswitch documentation

Rouven Czerwinski (3):
      desktop: output: fix use-after-free in destroy
      Fix sway crashes for scratchpad layouts
      Revert "Add support for wlr_output's atomic API"

Sauyon Lee (1):
      Make fullscreen check for fullscreen parents

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (1):
      layer_shell: Guard against negative exclusive zone

Sebastian Parborg (1):
      Make mouse drag in tiled mode swap containers if no edge is selected

Sergei Dolgov (4):
      Add calibration_matrix config option
      Use isnan
      calibration_matrix: add the current matrix to the IPC description for libinput devices
      calibration_matrix: expect 6 individual values

Simon Ser (8):
      Fix xdg-decoration unconfigured if set before first commit
      Remove orbital gamma-control protocol
      ipc: add xkb_layout_names and xkb_active_layout_index
      Add a new xkb_switch_layout command
      Add missing docs for xkb_switch_layout
      Add docs for new IPC keyboard properties
      Remove all wayland-server.h includes
      Add support for wlr_output's atomic API

asdfjkluiop (1):
      A layer-shell will only be focused if it is non-null

jasperro (1):
      Added Dutch translation of README

lbonn (1):
      Allow moving a container hidden in scratchpad

murray (1):
      use surface coordinates for damaging buffers

random human (1):
      tree: set correct border value before creating floater

rpigott (1):
      Add missing description for focus_on_window_activation command in docs.