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i3 Migration Guide

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Sway is almost a drop-in replacement for i3, but you may have to make a few changes to get everything working correctly. Here are a few common ones:

  • Use the output command to configure outputs instead of xrandr
  • Use the output command to configure your wallpaper instead of feh
  • Use the input command to configure input devices
  • Replace usage of i3 specific programs with the equivalent sway tools:
    • i3-msgswaymsg
    • i3lockswaylock
    • i3-nagbarswaynag
  • Sway handles quotes slightly differently - commands are handled more like shell commands
  • To emulate xset dpms force off, use swayidle timeout 600 'swaymsg "output * dpms off"' resume 'swaymsg "output * dpms on"' then run pkill -USR1 swayidle to trigger timeout immediately.

Font configuration

Sway does not support X logical font description (XLFD) configuration strings. Instead it uses Pango, and one can use pango-list | grep [fontname] to confirm the correct font name. Pango, as of version 1.44, does not support older bitmap fonts (BFD), although it does support bitmap-only OTF fonts.

Common X11 apps used on i3 with Wayland alternatives

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