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rootston: Cancel existing keyboard grab when changing focus

It's possible that a non-default keyboard grab exists when we are trying
to change focus. For example, say there is an XDG popup when we click on
a different window. This popup's keyboard grab will swallow any
keyboard_notify_enter(), meaning the newly-clicked window won't receive
keyboard input.

So, we cancel any existing grabs in roots_seat_set_focus(). Before this
fix, a window would have been set as active but not receive keyboard

Fixes #233.

Signed-off-by: Genki Sky <>
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Genki Sky authored and SirCmpwn committed Jun 11, 2018
1 parent 9a1f0e2 commit 28d718c0ddd8f2ba083be374f3d97e4836f615d9
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  1. +5 −0 rootston/seat.c
@@ -825,6 +825,11 @@ void roots_seat_set_focus(struct roots_seat *seat, struct roots_view *view) {
view_activate(view, true);
seat->has_focus = true;
// We want to unconditionally send keyboard input to the view we are
// focusing here, so cancel any existing grabs.
struct wlr_seat_keyboard_grab *curr_grab = seat->seat->keyboard_state.grab;
struct wlr_keyboard *keyboard = wlr_seat_get_keyboard(seat->seat);
if (keyboard != NULL) {
wlr_seat_keyboard_notify_enter(seat->seat, view->wlr_surface,

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