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Software Carpentry at Bristol 2013

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Thursday 12-Friday 13 September 2013.


Thursday 12th

Friday 13th


We'll be using an Etherpad to provide additional information on the day. This will be made public on the day.

Hints and tips

Hints and tips on common Bash and editor commands.

Before you arrive...

We recommend that you bring your own laptop to work on (so that you can easily continue to use the same tools after the bootcamp) but we hope to have a handful of backup laptops available. If you choose to bring your own laptop then, before you arrive, you will need to ensure you have installed and tested some software. Please see our set-up page for a list of the software required and instructions.

You should test your installation using our testing scripts described here. To access these start a shell and run the commands:

git clone --branch 2013-09-bristol --single-branch
cd boot-camps/setup

before following these instructions.

You also need to create a free individual account on BitBucket. Make sure you know your username and password when you arrive

We recommend that you to work through this short tutorial on Beginning Python before the bootcamp. This is designed for people completely new to Python (the main language used for the programming parts of the bootcamp) and some familiarity with the basic syntax will be helpful.

Organiser and instructors

The organiser of this boot camp is Andrew Walker. The instructors will be Chris Woods and Karthik Ram.


For help or more information please contact Andrew Walker and Mike Jackson.