Software Carpentry introduction to Mercurial for novices.
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_extras Changing name of instructor notes page as per lesson-example #45 Sep 7, 2016
bin Adding checks for things that commonly go wrong during template conve… Sep 15, 2016
data re-add ./data folder Jun 28, 2016
AUTHORS Force ordering AUTHORS by lastname (#39) Feb 7, 2017
CITATION Updating CITATION file Jul 19, 2016 Preparing for June 2016 release Jun 20, 2016
Makefile Switching to GitHub-defined variables Jul 14, 2016
favicon-dc.ico Preparing for June 2016 release Jun 20, 2016
favicon-swc.ico Adding auto-generated IDs to glossary Sep 27, 2016
requirements.txt Preparing for switch to new styles Jun 18, 2016