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In the page it says the following

You need to download some files to follow this lesson:

Download and move the file to your Desktop.
Double-click on the zip file to unzip it. You should end up with a new folder called data-shell.
Open a terminal and type:
$ cd
In the lesson, you will find out how to access the data in this folder.

Should there be something after cd? Or am I missing the point of just typeing "cd"? Presumably it should be '$ cd data-shell'


Edit: I see that you mean to have them call into their home directory. The notes don't mention this.

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iglpdc commented Feb 1, 2016

Nop, the instructions are missing one part. Compare to the equivalent in the python lesson.

@Thaerious can you reopen the issue?

@Thaerious Thaerious reopened this Feb 1, 2016

@iglpdc with the lesson rewrite, we do want them to start in their homedir, the lesson will get them to the data directory.

@Thaerious, is there any place I could add notes to make this more clear?


I have given the seminar since I posted that comment. I found that at the beginning I was still trying to get the participants up and running and didn't get into cd until part 2, files and directories. I had to explain directories before explaining home directories and then 'cd'.

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