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Possible lesson addition for issue: Add example of "grep -r" #177

@mrpeterson2 mrpeterson2 Update 07-find.md
Possible addition for issue:

Add example of "grep -r" #177

The example may have too many files and subdirectories; it may be better to split the haiku.txt into 2 or 3 lines per file, with 6 or 4 subdirectories respectively (as opposed to 11).


The setup step could be eliminated, i.e., the mkdir/split/mv, and the files pre-staged in shell-novice-data.zip

shwina commented Dec 23, 2016


Yes, I think it would be better to pre-stage the required files/directories in the .zip file. It's not necessary that this example on grep -r use haiku.txt as input.


Should I update this commit or create a new commit which adds the assets created by the split of haiku.txt in the data-shell/writing directory along with the updating of the 07-find.md documentation, i.e., grep -r example, to reflect using the pre-staged files?

"It's not necessary that this example on grep -r use haiku.txt as input."

Suggestions as to how a grep -r example could be illustrated in the lesson? (other than using the haiku.txt example)

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