Software Carpentry installer for Windows.
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Software Carpentry Windows Installer

Helps mimic a *nix environment on Windows with as little work as possible.

The script:

  • Installs GNU Make and makes it accessible from msysGit
  • Installs nano and makes it accessible from msysGit
  • Installs SQLite and makes it accessible from msysGit
  • Creates a ~/nano.rc with links to syntax highlighting configs
  • Provides standard nosetests behavior for msysGit
  • Adds R's bin directory to the path (if we can find it)


Building the Windows installer requires a Windows machine with Python (Python 2 as it is required by py2exe), py2exe and Inno Setup. py2exe can be installed using pip and Inno Setup can be installed using the self-installing package from the download page.

python install
python py2exe
ISCC.exe swc-installer.iss

For folks who don't want to build their own version, the most recent version is also available here.


Just have your students download and double-click the compiled installer. If you're using R, you'll have to install R before running this installer (because this installer searches likely paths to find R's bin directory). Otherwise, you can run it whenever you like (e.g. either before or after installing Python).