A Docker image based on phusion/passenger-ruby20 image with chef and mysqlclient-dev libs
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Docker Passenger-Nginx Server with mysqlclient libs

This image is perfect to run a nginx+passenger server for applications that needs mysql client libs.

To use, build the Docker container or pull it from the index (docker pull swcc/passenger-chef-ruby):

# cd into the git repository
cd /path/to/repo/passenger-chef-mysql
docker build -t passenger-chef-mysql .    # Build a Docker image named "passenger-chef-mysql" from this location "."
# wait for it to build...

Run the docker container

Give container a name in case it's linked to another app container

docker run -p 80:80 -d passenger-chef-mysql -v /my/app:/home/app /sbin/my_init --enable-insecure-key
  • docker run - starts a new docker container
    • -p 8080:80 - Binds the local port 8080 to the container's port 80.
    • -d passenger-chef-mysql - Use the image tagged "passenger-chef-mysql"
    • -v /my/app:/home/app - Mount your local application folder in the container's app folder /home/app. If you have a startup.sh in your application root folder, it will be launched before the init script of the container. This is the best place to setup your app as needed (e.g. bundle install or npm install, bundle db:migrate....)
    • /sbin/my_init - Run the init scripts used to kick off long-running processes and other bootstrapping, as per phusion/baseimage-docker
    • --enable-insecure-key - Enable a generated SSL key so you can SSH into the container, again as per phusion/baseimage-docker. Generate your own SSH key for production use.