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Rap God uses an LSTM in Keras to generate word strings that make some sense and get better with time. It trains (train.py) on raps.txt (a database of 15k bars from Genius of our favourite rappers). It generates original bars using another neural network to interpret the data.

The website is hosted on Google Cloud Platform as a Flask compute engine running on an 8-core CPU high memory computer. Flask allows push and pull requests to easily render templates with Python, in a sense allowing you to modify HTML dynamically with JavaScript using parameters from Python's output.

When a user opens the website, a get request to Flask renders the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS statically. Every 500 milliseconds, a get request from JavaScript on the website grabs the most recent training data to update the graph and the top right monitor.

When the user hits generate a get method is sent to Flask which triggers generate.py to return a verse of rap. This means that every single rap will be unique and original; no two users will ever hear the same rap.


  • Install Python 2.7

  • Install PIP

  • Install requirements with pip install -r requirements.txt

For local hosting:

  • Change ports on the following files:
    • app.py (localhost:5000)
    • static/scripts/script.js (
    • train.py (

For web hosting:

  • Change ports on the following files:

    • app.py (
    • static/scripts/script.js (YOUR_EXTERNAL_IP:80)
    • train.py (YOUR_EXTERNAL_IP:80)
  • Run ./run.sh


Build the container:

docker build . -t rapgod

Run the container in interactive mode:

docker run --name=rapgod -p 80:80 -it rapgod:latest /bin/bash

And then run with ./run.sh.

Next Steps

  • Make generate.py lighter

  • Fix JS bugs

  • Run train and app seperately with a shared bucket for training data

  • Mobile support

  • Integrate with Lyrebird to craft a unique RapGod voice