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My coding practise based on The Odin Project
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From The Odin Project's [curriculum]

This is the first project of web development 101 track, based on the Odin Project Curriculum. The objective is to create a homepage Layout using CSS and HTML.

By finishing this project, the student has demonstrated basic CSS and HTML skills.

Anyway, I found out that to create the layout just like the real one, the CSS and HTML skills I have learnt via TOP were not enough and I need to use outside resources, like, and learnt some "Advanced" CSS to get the output I want. It's great though, learning by doing is surely the best learning method for me.

I also took some freedom and did not use too many "div". So far, I don't really like to use container and will only use it when I need to style using CSS. Well, I might be wrong. I believe I will find better way to code when I learn more :)

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