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Snoopy is a plugin that notifies staff members when veins of ore are found. It is useful for detecting suspicious activity such as X-ray mods.

By default, anyone with the snoopy.getnotified permission will be sent a message like the following: Message screenshot

Blocks that are manually placed get flagged and do not trigger the message.

Every message in the plugin is configurable with templates. You could remove the prefix, location, and light level information if you wanted to configure it to be sent to everyone, for example.


Command Aliases Permission Arguments Description
help h snoopy.help None Prints the Snoopy help.
reload rl snoopy.reload None Reloads the configuration file.
version ver snoopy.version None Prints the Snoopy version.


Permission Description
snoopy.getnotified The permission to be notified when a vein is found.


You can download the latest version from the releases page.

Development builds are available on Jenkins.


  1. Install Apache Maven.
  2. Clone this repository.
  3. Run mvn clean package.
  4. The compiled jar will be in the target directory.