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We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this library. If you find our library useful and wish to support as well, you can do so through Patreon or directly through PayPal. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated!


  • SheetJS LLC (100 USD)

    Great Work with SweetAlert2!

  • Unique-P GmbH (100 CHF)

    Great work guys! Awesome library, very helpful!


  • Jan Fässler (30 EUR)

    Nice work! 👾

  • Ventsislav Radev (23 EUR)

  • Danny Lankar (25 USD)

    You should be selling this product. Love it, thank you!

  • VEI Hosting (20 USD)

  • Daniel Seuffer (10 EUR)

    Thx for this very sweet alert!! And the continuous support. :-)

  • Morgan Touverey (10 EUR)

    From @toverux with love!

  • Jan Philip Steimel (10 EUR)

    thank you!

  • Patrik Kernstock (10 EUR)

Patrons (via Patreon)


  • Marco Franke (5 EUR)

    Thank you for this great development! Really love it! Discovered it years ago for a private projects and now we use this in our application at work :-)

  • Legoman99573 (0,20 EUR)

    I dont have much, but I can say that SweetAlert2 is badass and have used it. Here is what I still have left in my paypal balance. Like to see more features in the future to play with.

  • Gautier Dele (5 EUR)

    Keep going, awesome job!

  • Mustafa Khader (5 USD)

  • Quentin Le Doledec (5 EUR)

  • Cassiano Montanari (10 BRL)

  • Munsifali Rashid (5 USD)

  • Mapcom Internet Technologies (10 AUD)

  • Pawel Terebinski (5 EUR)

  • Singdavid Srun (2 EUR)

  • Victor Felipe De Freitas (10 BRL)

  • Diego Liz Arrazao (5 BRL)

  • Lindauson Hazell (5 EUR)

  • Quipro (5 USD)

  • David Langheiter (5 EUR)