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* Specifies which types of parameters a service can describe.
* @author Stefan Gojan
class ServiceParameter {
* 'projectConfig' tells the router it should inject the received client
* config into this parameter.
final static PROJECT_CONFIG = 'projectConfig'
* 'one' specifies only one parameter with this name. If the user or another
* service gives more than one parameter with this name, the router chose the
* first parameter of the parameter array of the request.
final static ONE = 'one'
* 'list' specifies a list of parameters with this name.
final static LIST = 'list'
* 'request' tells the router it should inject the received request to the
* client. In case the client need the caller url, use 'url' instead.
final static String REQUEST = 'request'
* 'url' injects the caller url. This is necessary for tcp services, which
* want to call other services at the same server.
final static String URL = 'url'