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Automates interactions with your favorite SCM tool.
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Service to enhance your interaction with your favorite source control management (SCM) tool. This service is, at this time, build to use the git service. Scmenhancer should work with other tools as well, e.g. for mercurial or other distributed version control system (DVCS).

This are the actions this service proides:

  • insert ticket number make a commit and insert the ticket number from your branch name into the commit message
    • e.g. your current branch is "feature/123"
    • and you want commit with message "foo bar"
    • this will result into "#123 foo bar"
    • dependencies
      • /scm/branch/name
      • /scm/commit
  • commit again with a command to make stash and fixup commits. With this you can run "git rebase --autosqash" and your fixup commits are marked as "fixup" automatically.
    • dependencies
      • /scm/commit/by/ref
      • /scm/commit
  • check for unrebased commits before you merge a branch for example
    • dependencies
      • /scm/log

Attention: You need to install at least one service which provides the actions marked as dependencies for the actions of this service listed above.

For basic information see boilerplate service.

More Information on sweet productivity.

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