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Ares is a Python Remote Access Tool.

Warning: Only use this software according to your current legislation. Misuse of this software can raise legal and ethical issues which I don't support nor can be held responsible for.

Ares is made of two main programs:

  • A Command aNd Control server, which is a Web interface to administer the agents
  • An agent program, which is run on the compromised host, and ensures communication with the CNC

The Web interface can be run on any server running Python. The agent can be compiled to native executables using pyinstaller.


Install the Python requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Initialize the database:

cd server
./ initdb

In order to compile Windows agents on Linux, setup wine (optional):



Run with the builtin (debug) server:

./ runserver -h -p 8080 --threaded

Or run using gunicorn:

gunicorn ares:app -b --threads 20

The server should now be accessible on http://localhost:8080


Run the Python agent (update to suit your needs):

cd agent

Build a new agent to a standalone binary:

./ -p Linux --server http://localhost:8080 -o agent

To see a list of supported options, run ./ -h

./agent/ -h
usage: [-h] -p PLATFORM --server SERVER -o OUTPUT
                  [--hello-interval HELLO_INTERVAL] [--idle_time IDLE_TIME]
                  [--max_failed_connections MAX_FAILED_CONNECTIONS]

Builds an Ares agent.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PLATFORM, --platform PLATFORM
                        Target platform (Windows, Linux).
  --server SERVER       Address of the CnC server (e.g http://localhost:8080).
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        Output file name.
  --hello-interval HELLO_INTERVAL
                        Delay (in seconds) between each request to the CnC.
  --idle_time IDLE_TIME
                        Inactivity time (in seconds) after which to go idle.
                        In idle mode, the agent pulls commands less often
                        (every <hello_interval> seconds).
  --max_failed_connections MAX_FAILED_CONNECTIONS
                        The agent will self destruct if no contact with the
                        CnC can be made <max_failed_connections> times in a
  --persistent          Automatically install the agent on first run.

Supported agent commands

<any shell command>
Executes the command in a shell and return its output.

upload <local_file>
Uploads <local_file> to server.

download <url> <destination>
Downloads a file through HTTP(S).

zip <archive_name> <folder>
Creates a zip archive of the folder.

Takes a screenshot.

python <command|file>
Runs a Python command or local file.

Installs the agent.

Uninstalls the agent.

Kills the agent.

This help.