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version 0.1.0
QTermWidget is an opensource project based on KDE4 Konsole application.
The main goal of this project is to provide unicode-enabled, embeddable
QT widget for using as a built-in console (or terminal emulation widget).
Of course I`m aware about embedding abilities of original Konsole,
but once I had Qt without KDE, and it was a serious obstacle.
I decided not to rely on a chance. I cannot find any interesting related project,
so I had to write it.
The original Konsole`s code was rewritten entirely with QT4 only; also I have to
include in the project some parts of code from kde core library. All code dealing
with user interface parts and session managers was removed (maybe later I bring it
back somehow), and the result is quite useful, I suppose.
This library was compiled and tested on three linux systems,
based on 2.4.32, 2.6.20, 2.6.23 kernels, x86 and amd64.
Please inform about its behaviour on other systems.