Instant replay system for foosball table
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Foosball slow motion instant replay

Ever wanted to relive your best foosball shots? Now you can with this project! Featuring:

  • Automatic goal detection & score-keeping
  • Automatic instant replay (2x slow motion) of the last goal
  • Upload replays to Youtube
  • HipChat integration to send Youtube URLs and report game progress
  • Integration with a league system

See a video of it in action:

Instant replay video


To build it you'll need

  • A foosball table ;)
  • A TV
  • A Raspberry Pi to run the UI
  • The Raspberry Pi camera module to record video
  • Some electronic components for the goal detection (and maybe an Arduino)

You can find more info on how to build its components in the doc folder

Take a closer look at the UI and the different game modes in the ui folder

Run it!

To run the UI you'll need to install a few dependencies - you can find a list of the python packages in requirements.txt. Other dependencies you'll need on your system (raspbian packages) are: libav-tools sox cec-utils Verify the default configuration in and override it if necessary. To override config copy to and edit it:


To verify that you have all the dependencies you can run the check script. It will check most of the dependencies for you.

pi@raspberrypi:~/foos $ ./check
Checking environment...

* Binary deps:
[ OK] play (needed for sound) found
[ OK] avconv (needed for upload) found
[ OK] cec-client (needed for standby) found
[ OK] python3 (needed for foos) found
[ OK] pip3 (needed for foos) found

* RaspberryPi specific deps:
[ OK] /opt/vc/bin/raspivid (needed for camera)
[ OK] video/player/player (needed for replay)

* Replay path:
[ OK] /dev/shm/replay is on a tmpfs
[ OK] /dev/shm/replay is writable

* GPU settings:
[ OK] GPU memory set to 192

* evdev input:
[ OK] /dev/input seems readable io_evdev_keyboard should work

* Python deps
[   ] Can't check python3 deps for the moment - if you have issues:
====> Try: pip3 install -r requirements.txt 

* Test Replays - press Y to test N to skip

* Finished!

Make sure you have compiled the player:

pi@raspberrypi:~/foos $ pushd video/player; make && popd

On the Raspberry Pi you can run the UI simply doing


When running in X11 it's often useful to change the window size changing the scaling factor (-s 3 runs at 1/3 of the size)

python3 -s 3

If you want to use a keyboard on the Raspberry PI you can enable the io_evdev_keyboard plugin. This will read directly from the evdev input device (make sure pi user is in the input group and has access to /dev/input/*) Remember this will only work on physical keyboards attached to the PI - not if you're pressing keys in a ssh session!

Keys in X11 and Raspberry PI:

  • Increment goal counter: q, KP7, e, KP9
  • Decrement goal counter: z, KP1, c, KP3
  • Ok: s, KP5
  • Simulate goal: a, KP4, d, KP6
  • Exit: .


Please check the Troubleshooting section for some common issues.



  • Jesús Bravo
  • Daniel Pañeda
  • Stefan Wehner

Big thanks to:

  • Tuenti, where this project started as a HackMeUp
  • Laura Andina for the UI design
  • Adam Bartha for the Pi-only version

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