A demo implementation of a simple dependently-typed language
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Pi-Forall language

This language implementation is designed to accompany four lectures at OPLSS during Summer 2014. Notes for these lectures are included in the distribution:

  • notes.md: Basic language with Type:Type
  • notes2.md: Implementation of basic languages
  • notes3.md: Definitional and propositional equality
  • notes4.md: Datatypes, with parameters and indices, erased arguments

Videos for these lectures are also available from the OPLSS website.

An abridged version of these lectures was given at the Compose Conference, January 2015.

  • compose.md: Overview of pi-forall implementation

These lecture notes corresponds to an increasingly expressive demo implementation of dependently-typed lambda calculus.

  • version1/: Basic language implementation,
  • version2/: Basic language extended with nontrivial definitional equality
  • full/: Full language with datatypes and erased arguments

See also the implementation README.md for more details.

All of these versions are excerpted from the marked up files in the directory:

All edits should be to the code in the master directory. The above versions are included in the repo just for convenience.

-- Stephanie Weirich