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Swell.js - Headless ecommerce storefront SDK

Universal JavaScript client for Swell's Frontend API, providing client-safe access to store and customer data. You can use it in JAMstack or SSR apps to:

  • Fetch products, categories, store settings, nav menus, and custom content
  • Create, recover, and update shopping carts
  • Build custom checkout and subscription flows
  • Authenticate customers and allow them to edit account details, orders, and subscriptions
  • Resolve linked content to dynamically generate page URLs
  • Format prices in the store's currency

This SDK implements a subset of operations available in Swell's Backend API and is authorized with a public key + session token, making it safe to use in any context. You should only use the Backend API server-side, and keep your secret keys stored as environment variables.

About Swell

Swell is a customizable, API-first platform for powering modern B2C/B2B shopping experiences and marketplaces. Build and connect anything using your favorite technologies, and provide admins with an easy to use dashboard.


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