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A plugin for Rails that allows you to create friend relationships without the need of 2 friendship rows in their table. (Hasn't been updated in a long time.)
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HasManyFriends - Steve Ehrenberg -
has_many_friends is a plugin based off of the friendship_plugin that can be found
here ( This version of the
plugin adds some features I wanted as well as eliminates the need for 2 friendship
rows created in the table. The goal is to make it relatively seamless for anyone to
create a fully functional friends system for their application.

To use this plugin, you will first need to install it. This can be done quite simply
with the following command.

   script/plugin install

We'll need to generate the model and migration for your friendship table.

   script/generate hmf_friendship_model Friendship
   rake db:migrate
If you will be running tests, you may need to prepare your test database again.

   rake db:test:prepare

You should be just about set! All you need to do is add the following method
to your User model.

   class User < ActiveRecord::Base
     # the rest of your user model ...
     # ...

After the plugin is installed. All of these super cool methods will be attached to 
any user.

These methods are the actual associations. They return what you'd expect.

Again, these will return what you would expect them to return.

## The following 3 methods were changed as of revision 8. They have been listed here
## as these methods, but for some reason, i never changed their names in the actual
## plugin file. If your using a pre-8 version and things broke for you, use the new
## method names in your application. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Returns true if user is friends with friend.
   user.is_friends_with? friend
   user.is_pending_friends_with? friend
   user.is_friends_or_pending_with? friend

Creates, deletes or updates friendship requests.
   user.request_friendship_with friend
   user.delete_friendship_with friend
   user.accept_friendship_with friend

Bypass the request and just make a friend.
   user.become_friends_with! friend

Returns the friendship object (good for looking up extra attributes about
the friendship, like when it was accepted and such.
   user.friendship friend

Copyright (c) 2007 Steve Ehrenberg, released under the MIT license
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