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An app with extensions for sharing information to micropub endpoints and reading from microsub endpoints
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Indigenous for Android

An app with extensions for sharing information to micropub endpoints and reading from microsub endpoints.

Install from Google Play:
Install from F-Droid:

No builds will be uploaded anymore to GitHub, use F-Droid for that. Not that the F-droid releases currently have no support for getting the location from the device, that will be added in a next release, see

More information at and


  • Login with multiple domains, discover indieauth, micropub, microsub and media endpoints. The microsub endpoint is optional so you can simply use this as a micropub client too.
  • Micropub
    • post types: article, note, reply, repost, like, bookmark, event, issue, rsvp, geocache and checkin
    • add multiple images, tags, toggle syndication targets
    • share location on note, article, event, checkin and geocache
    • send image to media endpoint
    • Toggle post-status (published vs draft)
    • Save as local draft to finish later. This also includes coordinates, so you can finish later even when you are on a different location then.
    • Query, update and delete: get a list of posts and update basic properties (experimental)
  • Microsub
    • read channels, with pull to refresh
    • read items per channel, with pull to refresh, response actions per item
    • reply, like, repost, rsvp, bookmark, upload or add feed directly
    • listen to audio or watch video if available
    • view fullscreen images, zoom and pinch
    • Manage channels and feeds
    • Background service to check for new posts and trigger notifications
  • Share intents: receive text or images from other apps to directly share

Note: Checkin and Geocache are experimental and pass on all information into a Geo URI in the checkin property, e.g.



Known issues

Authentication loop

When authenticating for the first time, you might see a message "Authentication successul" but then returning to the Sign in screen. While the account has been created, the default was not set. In this case, the sign in screen will allow you to select the account.

This happens sometimes, but not always.

Known syndication targets not parsed



  • Some browsers (e.g. the default browser on LineageOS), won't allow Indigenous to listen to the callback to verify the authorization code. Install a browser like Firefox (any flavor) so you can login.
  • When your account requires 2FA, put the apps in split screen mode, see


Other clients

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