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Debian based WordPress Vagrant template
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Debrant boot

Debrant (Debian Vagrant) is a Debian-based web development and learning Vagrant project, heavily inspired ( = half forked ) from 10up/varying-vagrant-vagrants. Please note: it's a work in progress.

Our custom Vagrant box is a 32-bit Debian Wheezy VM built via grml-debootstrap with networking, VirtualBox additions and the base system; everything else (~300MB) will be installed via the custom provision bash scripts, which can be modified or replaced as needed. First time full provision will takes ~40 minutes, while subsequent boot will take 2 or 3.

Wheezy i686 Vagrant box : (188MB)


Server stack

WP/PHP Development

  • Composer -- Dependency Manager for PHP
  • PHP_CodeSniffer -- tokenises PHP, JavaScript and CSS files and detects violations of a defined set of coding standards.
  • PHP_CodeCoverage -- Library that provides collection, processing, and rendering functionality for PHP code coverage information.
  • PHPunit -- de-facto standard for unit testing in PHP projects.
  • phpDocumentor -- generate API documentation for all features available in PHP 5.3 and higher.
  • Scrutinizer -- Library for abstracting the invocation of analysis tools.
  • wp-cli -- command-line tools for managing WordPress installations.

Mapped files/folders

  • config/sources.list -- it replaces the main /etc/apt/sources.list file

  • config/custom-sources.list -- optional /etc/apt/sources.list.d/custom-sources.list file

  • provision/ -- optional pre-default provision hook script

  • provision/ -- if present, replace the default provision script

  • provision/ -- default provision script (runs every time, unless custom is present)

  • provision/ -- optional post-default provision hook script

  • config -- shared configuration folder

  • database -- database folders and scripts

  • shared -- shared plugins/themes folder

  • www -- website folders


0.1.0 (23/Ott/2013)

  • Global setup
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