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What ist wikijournals? Wikijournals has two meanings:

  • A web application, based on Semantic Wedawiki, which can be host on an own web server (here on GitHub you can found the sourcecode)
  • A web portal (https://wikijournals.info) for capturing meta-data of journal articles



Pre-Install Tasks

  • Download git repo
  • Create empty database in mysql
  • The following database parameters will be used for the installation
    • Database name
    • Database user
    • Database user password

Installation per Script

  • Open Terminal
  • Change to the wikijournals code directory (the cloned git repo)
  • execute command tools/Install_Wikijournals.sh as sudo with the follwing 9 parameters in this order
    • html directory
    • wikijournals directory
    • dbuser
    • dbpass
    • dbserver
    • dbname
    • wikiuser
    • wikipwd
    • wikiname
  • Sample: sudo sh tools/Install_Wikijournals.sh /var/www/html wikijournals_3 wikiuser mypassword localhost wikijournals_3 Administrator myadminpasswd wikijournals

Manual Installation

Install Mediawiki

  • Download current Mediawiki version from mediawiki.org
  • Uncompress the mediawiki archive
  • Upload the uncompressed archive to the web server f.i. /htdocs/wikijournals
  • Ensure access to the web directory including sub-directories for the web user (f.i. www-data)
  • For example per chown command: sudo chown -cR www-data:www-data wikijournals
  • Perform normal mediawiki installation (see https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Installation_guide)

Install Foreground Theme

Install Semantic Mediawiki

Install the following Semantic Extensions

Install further Mediawiki Extensions

Install Wikijournals Structure

  • Open terminal
  • Change to wikijournals directory on the web server
  • Change to maintenance directory
  • Copy wikijournalsStructure.xml from the wikijournals_structure directory to the maintenance dir
  • execute php importDump.php < wikijournalsStructure.xml