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Wikijournals-server is a web application, based on Semantic Mediawiki. This application allow collecting articles, publishers, publications and authors in a semantic database. The following functions are available:

  • Saving semantic attributes for articles like persons, companies and locations
  • Searching for articles, publications, publishers and authors by using semantic attributes
  • Basic social network functions for registered users (f.e. user board for sending internal messages)


  • Webserver: Apache > 2.0
  • Database: MySQL > 5.0.2
  • Scripting Language: PHP > 5.3.3
  • Minimum space on server: 300 MB


For the installation of wikijournals on your own webserver please execute the following steps:

  • Download the full package from github (the complete wikijournals directory)
  • Copy the wikijournals directory onto the htdocs directory of your webserver
  • Note: The directory wikijournals\images must be writable for the webserver (including all subdirectories)
  • Start the webserver and the database server, if the are not on
  • Create a database and a database user for wikijournals (you can also use the root user, but this is not recommended)
  • Call the url /wikijournals/installation in the browser
  • Follow the installation steps of the installer
  • If the installer ends successfully please copy the LocalSettings.php from the config subdirectory of the installation directory into the main wikijournals directory
  • Now you can start wikijournals by calling the url /wikijournals
  • Please note: The default password of the Administrator account (Login:Administrator) is "wikijournals". We recommend changing this password after first login !!