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Add contrast to the Oracle APEX Application Builder
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The application builder introduced in APEX 5.x is fantastic, but I found it a little washed out. I restored some of the 4.x colours to help distinguish page regions, plus a few other tweaks, such as moving the success message so it no longer covers key buttons.

Detail for use described on this blog post. I use a browser extension to apply the attached CSS to selected websites (where APEX lives).


  1. Install an browser extension such as Stylebot
  2. Define a style for the URL your APEX is located, eg:
  3. Paste the relevant CSS for your preferred mode.

There appears to be no class differences between the light & dark modes, so you won't be able to flip between the two modes without changing your integrated CSS.

Light Mode

Built for 5.x, it has actioned my intention since. While I was creating dark mode CSS, I noticed a few of the selectors were no longer relevant for 18.1.

Dark Mode

I've started a new stylesheet for Dark Mode in APEX 19.x. Some of the selectors I've used previously are no longer relevant, so I've only inlcuded those selectors I still appreciate. It has been suggested the contrast may be addressed in 20.1.

Some CSS Results

  • Strengthen region headers, to add contrast between sections, helping your eyes to skim vertically
  • Move success message from RHS to LHS, to stop it covering that key control panel
  • Widen scrollbars
  • Increased font size for Shared Component menu
  • Increased search box size
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