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Trumpet for SpectMorph - demo for instrument builder script
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Trumpet Instrument for SpectMorph

Requirements: you need at least SpectMorph-0.4.0 to follow these instructions.

This is an example instrument for SpectMorph, to allow you to build your own instruments. The samples used to build this are located in samples/trumpet. To build the trumpet instrument from these samples, run

sminstbuilder trumpet

You are responsible for copying the smset file from the instruments/ directory to your


directory. In this case it is pointless because you already have a trumpet.smset file, but if you build your own instrument, you need to copy it. You also need to add new instruments to


before you can use them in the SpectMorph UI.

Adding new Instruments:

Each instrument should have its own directory. So to add a new instrument, called plong, you can do something like

mkdir plong
cp trumpet/config plong
...edit plong/config...
sminstbuilder plong

Even after you have created a .smset file, it is recommended to keep your configuration and samples, since newer versions of SpectMorph will probably have a backward incompatible smset files, and you need to rerun sminstbuilder to create a new .smset file.

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