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#!/usr/bin/env python
Auto-loads the Ultimate Guitar tabs to the currently-playing iTunes song.
Opens a new window if the old window was closed.
Maybe: Tweak how many guitar tabs are opened (maybe one tab and one chord)
Find how to incorporate the iTunes event listener
Created and complete for usage. (November 24, 2011)
__author__ = 'Sophia Westwood'
import urllib
import urllib2
import time
from appscript import *
from appscript.reference import CommandError
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
def no_results_page(search_soup):
"""Returns true if search_soup is the "No results could be found" page.
search_soup: BeautifulSoup set up with the html of the search results page."""
return search_soup.find('div', {'class': 'not_found'})
def tab_searchpage(song, artist):
"""Searches for songs matching the song and artist."""
# Extra parameters are songs in Standard tuning, Chords or Tab (excludes Bass tabs, etc).
first_part_url = r''
last_part_url = r'&type%5B%5D=200&type%5B%5D=300&tuning%5B%5D=Standard&version_la='
search_params = urllib.urlencode({'band_name' : artist, 'song_name' : song})
search_url = (first_part_url + search_params + last_part_url)
search_soup = BeautifulSoup(urllib2.urlopen(search_url))
if no_results_page(search_soup):
# If there are no results, then remove the artist filter
search_params = urllib.urlencode({'song_name' : song})
search_url = (first_part_url + search_params + last_part_url)
search_soup = BeautifulSoup(urllib2.urlopen(search_url))
return search_url, search_soup # Note: for performance, consider passing search_soup by parameter
def best_rated_result(search_soup):
"""Returns the URL of the best rated result of the search for guitar tabs.
search_soup: BeautifulSoup set up with the html of the search results page.
if no_results_page(search_soup):
# There are no results on this page, so there is no best url.
return ''
results = search_soup.find('table', {'class':'tresults'}).findAll('tr')
best_rating = 0
best_num_votes = 0
best_url = ''
for result in results[1:]: # skip the table heading
rating_span = result.find('span', {'class': 'rating'})
if not rating_span:
# This tab received no votes, so we count it as average
rating = 2.5
num_votes = 0
# Parse ultimate-guitar html formatting to find the ratings
rating = int(rating_span.findAll('span')[0].get('class')[-1])
num_votes = int(result.find('b', {'class':'ratdig'}).text)
# This tab is the best if 1) it has the highest rating we've seen so far or
# 2) it has the same rating as the best rating, and has more votes
if rating > best_rating or (rating == best_rating and num_votes > best_num_votes):
best_rating = rating
best_num_votes = num_votes
best_urls = result.findAll('a', {'class': 'song'})
# The first row of each table additionally has the artist name link as the first 'song' anchor tag.
best_url = best_urls[0]['href'] if len(best_urls) < 2 else best_urls[1]['href']
return best_url
def new_song_played(old_song, itunes):
"""Returns True when a new song is played, otherwise runs forever."""
curr_song =
if not old_song or curr_song != old_song:
return True
time.sleep(1) # Note: This is an awful hack for identifying when the song has changed.
# Unfortunately, iTunes makes event listening difficult for appscript.
def display_new_tab(curr_song, curr_artist, window):
"""Loads guitar tab search page and then the best tab page into Chrome."""
search_url, search_soup = tab_searchpage(curr_song, curr_artist)
# Load the search url
# Load the best-rated tab if tabs exist
best_tab_url = best_rated_result(search_soup)
if best_tab_url:
# After the search results page loads, load the best tab.
# We wait so that the browser "Back" button leads to the search page.
while window.active_tab.loading():
def fetch_tabs_for_itunes():
"""Loads guitar tabs into Chrome when new songs are played in iTunes."""
itunes = app(u'/Applications/')
# Create a new chrome window
chrome = app(u'/Applications/Google')
window = chrome.make(new=k.window)
curr_song = '' # Initialize to empty
# Continuously find tabs as new songs are played
while True:
# Check if a new song is playing
if new_song_played(curr_song, itunes):
curr_song =
curr_artist = itunes.current_track.artist()
display_new_tab(curr_song, curr_artist, window)
except CommandError: # The user closed our Chrome window.
window = chrome.make(new=k.window) # Open a new window.
display_new_tab(curr_song, curr_artist, window) # Retry
except CommandError: # iTunes is not open
time.sleep(2) # Wait
# Run the script
if __name__ == '__main__':