Tools to boot omap44xx over USB. -- NOT MAINTAINED --
C Assembly
Latest commit b6c9981 Sep 23, 2011 @murpdj72 murpdj72 committed with OMAP4: Remove dummy writes to SDRC
Remove dummy writes to the SDRC they are causing
4460 panda to lock up.  If a specific board needs
them then they should be added back into the board init.

Signed-off-by: Dan Murphy <>


USB downloader and USB second stage bootloader for OMAP44xx


aboot.bin is a designed to be a second stage USB bootloader (what TI
calls x-loader) for the USB peripheral boot mode of OMAP44xx.

Currently it's somewhat pandaboard-centric, but that should be
easy enough to clean up -- it shouldn't touch any gpiomux config
except (maybe) for the UART.

All it does is send a u32 message (0xaabbccdd) back over the USB link, 
then reads a u32 size from the host.  Then it downloads size bytes
from the host to 0x82000000 and jumps to that address.


usage: usbboot <2ndstage> [ <image> ]

- usbboot will poll every 250ms until it locates an OMAP device 
  (VID 0451, PID d00f)
- it then will send the 2ndstage binary to the device 
- if an image was also provided, it will wait for the 2ndstage to
  send the go-ahead response (0xaabbccdd) and then send that image