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PowerResearch Server System


PowerResearch Server System allows you to provide clients witha system to quickly and easily search several sources at on time


PRSS is licensed under the IROI Public Software License, copyright 2012 I'm Running Out of Ideas, LLC.


Configuration is held in the srserver.yaml file found in the installation directory. Configuration has several keys, 'moddir' for the directory holding modules, 'host' for the name of the host to bind to, 'authtype' to turn on/off authentication, and 'logfile' for where the system should store the log.


If you enable the authentication system by setting 'authtype' to 'upass', you will need to run the authmanager tool provided to create user/password combinations, if you set it to 'key' use authmanager to manage keys.

Search Providers

Adding a search provider is relatively easy, if you know what you are doing. If the search provider is already written, just stick it into the moddir in your configuration file. Otherwise, you will have to write it.

Writing a Search Provider


First thing, the provider does is create a key in the %providers hash with the name of the provider. from that pint in the hash, it produces a data structure similar to the following:

    $providers{name}->{version} = version;
    $providers{name}->{search} = sub{...};
    $providers{name}->{display} = sub{...};
    $providers{name}->{formats} = qw/formats_available/;
    $providers{name}->{special} = sub{...};
    $providers{name}->{specialinfo} = (...);
    #add a module loaded message to the log with LOG



This routine will take one argument, this being the search term. From their it will search the source, and provide results as a YAML stream.


Display takes one argument, and based on such outputs template for the format in the Template format. Should provide text, HTML, and csv-bib as a general rule.


Special takes one or more arguments, using these will perform a custom action, which can be anything.


This variable simply defines the version.


Formats is a list off all formats provided by the system


SpecialInfo contains a YAML stream containing the commands, and information about the arguments to the special subroutine.

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