Added UMD wrapper to make swfobject compatible with CommonJS and AMD #12

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Munter commented Sep 3, 2012

This patch makes swfobject compatible with CommonJS and AMD module loaders


pipwerks commented Sep 4, 2012

Thanks for the suggestion. The SWFObject team has long maintained that we will keep the codebase as light and independent as possible. The SWFObject 2.3 beta has been placed on GitHub specifically so patches like yours can be maintained via separate forks. It's not a criticism of your code -- the patch is great for its purpose -- but adding CommonJS and AMD support is not on our roadmap, and this patch doesn't fix any bugs. Hope you understand. Cheers

pipwerks closed this Sep 4, 2012

Munter commented Sep 4, 2012

So let me get this straight.

You are arguing that an uncompressed 270 bytes raw source increase that keeps the original functionality intact, yet offers the features of delayed module loading and support for nodejs is to high a price to pay in terms of file size.

Yet you have a source that is non-modular, which includes several copy/pasted domload scripts of multiple kilobytes regardless of what other modern libraries people already have on the page that offer the same functionality.

And then you say that the purpose of putting the code on github is to deliberately fragment the code base without having a single authoritative repository that actually has all the fixes.

Dear sirs, thank you for adding increased incentive for developers to move away from flash.

avetisk commented May 30, 2013

@Munter can't agree more with you.

@Munter +1000

This was referenced Dec 18, 2014

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