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<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!DOCTYPE ladspa SYSTEM "ladspa-swh.dtd">
<?xml-stylesheet href="ladspa.css" type="text/css" ?>
<meta name="maker" value="Steve Harris &lt;;"/>
<meta name="copyright" value="GPL"/>
<meta name="properties" value="HARD_RT_CAPABLE"/>
#include "stdio.h"
<plugin label="debug" id="1184" class="UtilityPlugin">
<name>Debug Plugin</name>
<p>Prints some stats about the input stream to stdout. Not intended for general use.</p>
<callback event="instantiate">
printf("sample rate %ld\n", s_rate);
<callback event="run">
static LADSPA_Data max, min, maxl, minl;
unsigned long pos;
if (reset) {
max = 0;
min = 0;
maxl = 0;
minl = 1;
for (pos = 0; pos &lt; sample_count; pos++) {
if (allvals) {
printf("%f\n", input[pos]);
max = fabs(input[pos]) &gt; max?fabs(input[pos]):max;
min = fabs(input[pos]) &lt; min?fabs(input[pos]):min;
maxl = input[pos] &gt; maxl?input[pos]:maxl;
minl = input[pos] &lt; minl?input[pos]:minl;
buffer_write(output[pos], input[pos]);
printf("amplitude (%f, %f)\t", min, max);
printf("level (%f, %f)\n", minl, maxl);
<port label="allvals" dir="input" type="control">
<name>Diplay all values?</name>
<range min="0" max="1"/>
<port label="reset" dir="input" type="control">
<name>Reset counters?</name>
<range min="0" max="1"/>
<port label="input" dir="input" type="audio">
<port label="output" dir="output" type="audio">
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