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SWH LV2 plugins



This plugins are licensed under the GNU GPL version 3. See the file COPYING for details.


This is an early experimental port of my LADSPA plugins to the LV2
specification, c.f. http://lv2plug.in/ . It's still quite early days, but most
things should work as well or not as they did in LADSPA.


Linux / OSX: run "make"
Windows: run "make real-clean all" (untested, might wrk, might not)


run "make install-system" if you want the plugins installed globally, requires
root privileges, or "make install-user" if you want them just installed for
the current user.


Please report bugs to Steve Harris at steve at plugin.org.uk.


If you wish to edit the source code (.xml files in the subdirectories of the
plugin directory) then you will need xsltproc installed. It's in the libxslt
package, which is part of gnome, I think. Do not edit the .c files, and do not
send patches against the .c files.