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FtdiDDS.exe is a console application created to easly set the frequency of an AD9850 RF frequency synthesizer by bit-banging SPI messages using an FT-232 (or similar) FTDI chip. This program does not require any special drivers. Just hook up the output pins of the FTDI chip (TX, RX, and CTS) to the AD9850 (clock, data, and enable, respectively) and run the command!

Example Usage

  • ftdiDDS -list lists all available FTDI devices
  • ftdiDDS -mhz 12.34 sets frequency to 12.34 MHz
  • ftdiDDS -device 2 -mhz 12.34 specifically control device 2
  • ftdiDDS -sweep sweep 0-50 MHz over 5 seconds
  • ftdiDDS -help shows all options including a wiring diagram

Compiled Program contains just the compiled program and supportive libraries. It is ready to run with no additional setup!

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